The General Assembly is the highest policy making body of RUWA. It is made up of representatives of each member group, BOT and staff members. It holds meeting once every year.

The Board of Trustees is the next highest body.  It is the governing body. Currently, it comprises of 9 members.  The following officers of the Association are members of the board:  The President, Vice president, Treasurer and Vice-treasurer.  One representative each from the Upper West and Northern regions and three other individual members nominated for their skills, experiences and interests in promoting the interest of women and children. The Executive Director and a staff member occupy the position of ex-officio members. The composition will however change when RUWA establishes its presence in the Upper East region.

The Executive Committee executes the decisions of the Board of Trustees. It is answerable to the Board. It prepares and presents quarterly reports of activities of the Association to the Board of Trustees. The Executive Committee is comprised of the following:

– The Chairperson

– The President

– Secretary

– The Executive Director

– A staff member

– The Accountant

– Six representatives from the groups which is rotational

The secretariat implements BOT’s policies and decisions and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organization.  The secretariat is being run by an Executive Director, a Senior Program Officer, an Accountant and a Project Officer. There are also five volunteers the secretariat readily falls on when need be. 

The Association is being financed by weekly contribution of GH¢ 0.5 (fifty pesewas) a week and membership registration fees of GH¢ 5.00 per group for purposes of running the Association at grass-root level.  Each founding member also contributes a mandatory GH¢50.00/month besides the voluntary donations that they may make.

The administrative, monitoring and training expenses are financed by the proceeds from internal and external contributions and donations.

RUWA has partnered with some organizations for mutual benefits. The organizations are: Positive Action Against Poverty (PAAP), Bahass Foundation, MasterPeace Foundation, MasterPeace Club of Ghana and MasterPeace Club of Northern Ghana Sector.