• Mobilized women’s groups in all the districts we are currently operating. We have a total membership of 1,356 members as at November 2012.
    • The Micro-credit department has under the scheme advanced small loans to our  members and repayment is so far very good. We encourage savings by the women’s groups for their mutual benefits.
    • Established MasterPeace Clubs in selected Junior and Senior High Schools as well as some communities.
    • Our shea butter processing groups in suburbs of Tamale and Wa benefited from our Technical Training on Shea Butter Quality Improvement and Packaging. The training positively impacted on the women’s income.
    • We started our anti kayayoo campaign in 2009 which targeted parents and young girls in the supply communities as well as the recipient cities of Accra and Kumasi.
    • Under our ‘Settlement of kayayoo returnees’project we have been able to place four kayayoo returnees to learn trades of their choices. Three are learning hair dressing whilst one is learning sewing all in the Wa municipality.
    • Conducted research on the causes of Rural-urban migration (kayayoo), did some sensitization in Datoyilli and Tamale township both in the northern region and issued a press release calling on government, NGOs and other development partners to work together to stem the tide of rural-urban migration.
    • Assisted Positive Action Against Poverty (PAAP) to carryout HIV/AIDS awareness campaign in the Wa West district in 2009.
    • Assisted Bahass Foundation in bathing, clothing and feeding mad people in the Wa municipality.
    • The financial records of the Association for 2006 and 2007 were duly audited by T.C. Tandom, an Accounting consultancy based in Tamale. RUWA is making moves to ensure that its audited accounts are up to date.

It is the intention of RUWA to continue to develop its capacity to promote more programs for the development of women and children.  It hopes to increase three fold in the next five years in terms of staff and programs. It also hopes to court more reliable and relevant partners in development for mutual benefits.

Pictures of ‘Wali’ Competition which marked the African Union Day on March 25, 2012 by MasterPeace Club of Northern Ghana Sector under RUWA

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_137Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_141Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_96 MP Club of Northern Ghana Sector