About RUWA

The Rural and Urban Women’s Association (RUWA) is a non-political, non-religious, non-ethnic, non-profit women’s Non-governmental Organization (NGO). It was formed in December 2005 in Datoyili, a suburb of Tamale, the capital of the northern region of Ghana. It started with a small group of women agro processors mobilized by Masud Aziz Rauf, then a Program Officer in the Maata-N-Tudu Association (an NGO). It was registered in August 2006 for the purpose of bringing together rural and urban women in the Upper East, Upper West and Northern regions of Ghana who have suffered tremendously from inequalities and poverty for long and to improve their situation as well as those of their children/youth.

The association sees children as a social category that tends to suffer vulnerability and neglect along side women, for that matter it co-opts children’s groups as co-opted members of the organization.

The association’s operational area is the 3 northern regions of Ghana. Currently, it stretches to cover 4 districts each in the Northern and Upper West regions. The districts are: Tamale, Tolon, Kumbungu and Sanlerigu in the Northern region and Wa, Nadowli, Wa West and Lambussie in the Upper West region.

The Head Office is located on Block A/Ext 51A, Gunbihini, opposite the Anbariya Islamic School junction, Tamale, Ghana. In the Upper West region, RUWA is temporarily sharing office space with Positive Action Against Poverty(PAAP) located on Block TD 44, Tindaaba, Wa, Upper West region, Ghana.

To promote the socio-economic well being and rights of women and children through sustained advocacy and planned programs aimed at reducing the wide inequalities that exist and work against the development of women and children.

The vision of RUWA is to improve the situation of members and their families by assisting them to unite and work together through meetings, mutual self help, training and to promote the relationship between rural and urban women as well as the co-opted children/youth groups.

RUWA is mainly of rural and urban women as well as co-opted children/youth groups from Northern Ghana working to help alleviate the inequalities that confront them and also working to meet their need for food, clothing, shelter, education and health.  This is done through:

  1. Meetings to promote unity within member groups and among all groups, to promote peer learning and to improve their problem solving capacity.
  2. Contributions, regular savings and raising external support to sustain their work.
  3. Training and strengthen the capacity of members and to implement the Association’s programs so as to improve their basic business management skills.
  4. Mutual self help to strengthen the capacity of members to provide support to each other and other needy persons in their communities especially in emergency situations of ill health, drought, floods, food shortages, etc.
  5. Loans to members to improve and expand their income generating activities so as to improve their income levels.
  6. Maintaining a secretariat and staff to help with planning, co-ordination of activities, advice, financial management etc.

The core values underpinning the operation of RUWA are as follows:

  • mutual co-operation between rural and urban women
  • support the empowerment of women
  • strategic alliance and partnership
  • gender equity
  • promote sustainable development
  • support the course of children’s rights
  • respect for human rights and dignity
  • transparency and accountability
  • respect and celebrate diversity of opinions

RUWA is a legal entity registered and recognized as an NGO under the Ghana Companies Code of 1963 Act 179.  It is a company limited by guarantee with registration No: G-18, 368. It has also registered with the Department of Social Welfare


  • To encourage the organization and registration of women and children’s groups for their mutual benefit.
  • Acquire and introduce new ideas and technology to group members to enhance the performance of their trades to ensure better life.
  • To provide training in areas that will promote co-operative enterprise, technology application and in areas that will generally assist in developing the potential of members to undertake viable enterprises.
  • To gather information and on the basis of this information promote activities that will enhance the development of the women and children in Northern Ghana in general.
  • To raise funds nationally and internationally to support the Association’s projects.
  • To provide a forum for the discussion of rural and urban development policies and activities as they affect the women and children.
  • To educate the women and children/youth on socio-cultural issues that affect their progress i.e. teenage pregnancy, health of mothers and children, obnoxious traditional practices, child trafficking etc.
  • To promote sanitation and take part in developmental activities in the deprived communities.


Rural and urban women and children/youth groups in the three northern regions of Ghana are RUWA’s intended beneficiaries.